High Client Satisfaction

The American Animal Hospital Association recently conducted a client satisfaction survey. The survey was sent to our existing clients over several months. Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital rated high in every category. In several categories they were given a 98% satisfaction approval. Here are just a few of the ratings.


High Quality Veterinary Medicine

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital  strives to provide vet care with a comprehensive and integrated approach that we would want for our own pets.  Our veterinarian doctors and vet staff are all pet owners. Through continuing education and training, our knowledge can help maintain the health of your pet throughout their lives. Fill out an online new veterinary patient form after you read just a few reasons to choose Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital: 

Very Extended Veterinary Hospital Hours

We start admitting pets at 7am and start seeing appointments at 8 am, while closing at 8 pm. We even have Saturday hours from 7am to 1pm. So, if we can't accommodate your busy schedule, then you are working too hard. Our new veterinary patient form makes it easy to set up a new appointment

Digital X-Ray

Our digital veterinary x-ray machines provide our doctors with  a high quality picture. Our patients appreciate the speed. 


No need to be referred to a veterinary specialist for ultrasound. At Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital, Doctors Hardymon and Saenger use this important vet diagnostic tool regularly.

Special Attention to Cat's Veterinary Needs

Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital provides a cat only exam room that keeps dog smells out. We use Feliway plug-ins (pheromones to reduce stress), cat grass, cat nip treats and cat specific toys. Even the exam table is unique.  It is not stainless steel, as cats hate the cold shiny metal that is usually used for veterinary tables. There is also a cat waiting area with a unique cat tree shelf to provide a stress free environment. Dr. Saenger is a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Bees Ferry Veterinary Hospital is also recognized by AAFP us as one of their Cat Friendly Practices. Use our new veterinary patient form and let us help provide your cat's with quality vet healthcare today.

Certified Veterinary Nurses

Our vet staff of certified veterinary technicians have had the education that is in-depth and crucial for veterinary medical understanding and for providing superior pet health care.

American Animal Hospital Association

Only a handful of veterinary hospitals in the area are accredited by the AAHA and we are proud to be among their ranks. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only organization that accredits small animal hospitals throughout the U.S. & Canada. AAHA-accredited vet hospitals adhere to the highest quality standards, which helps ensure the best vet care for your pet. For more information go to

If you want to make an appoitment, fill out our new veterinary patient form.